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Participate as a Resilience Tutor

Who is a Resilience tutor?

They are citizens, academies, government entities and private companies with a sense of community, who accompany us unconditionally, with an empathy and compassion that helps them connect and understand the challenges and needs of young people in vulnerable situations, allowing them to address problems from a supportive perspective.

Resilience tutors provide resources, experiences and knowledge to generate programs that promote the well-being and resilience of children and young people, these being vital tools for those who are in a difficult situation during their full development.

Leaders who are able to mobilize others and generate significant changes in society, spreading their passion and enthusiasm to support our cause. We are looking for citizens, academies, government entities and private companies with a collaborative mindset and great capacity for teamwork. Implying that the mission is not an individual effort, but something that needs the collective work of various actors.

What do we look for in a Resilience Tutor?

How can we support?

Within this great project, some alternatives are contemplated, within which we could participate. These are divided into four categories: person, academy, private institution, and public institution. Each category can participate in various roles such as: 


They are in charge of teaching the classes to the children and teenagers.

Web Developers

They are responsible for updating the information and content of the website.

Product Developers

They are in charge of developing the products and courses that will be sold through the online store.

Content Developers

They are in charge of preparing the material that will be taught in class.


They perform different functions, including preparing activities or organizing material.


They are the ones who are in charge of accompanying the child or adolescent in the integration process, maintaining constant communication and looking for ways to support them in their development.

Register according to your participation


Son aquellas universidades, centros de investigación y laboratorios, que se encargan de generar el contenido para la enseñanza de los niños/jóvenes. Ellos llevan a cabo la elaboración de los cursos para la escuela en línea, adaptados para cada grupo de edades que atiende la organización.

Sector Privado

Es aquella institución de carácter privado, que se dedica a los negocios. Considerándose las personas físicas hasta organizaciones no gubernamentales. Estas se encargan de apoyar a la asociación a través de recursos de carácter económico o material, para la implementación de los programas que tiene la asociación.

Sector Público

Es aquella institución de carácter público, dedicada a la prestación de servicios por parte de diferentes niveles del gobierno; municipal, estatal y federal.


Son aquellos individuos que buscan mejorar el futuro de un niño/joven, a través de la donación de su tiempo. Ellos se encargan de acompañar a este niño/joven en su desarrollo integral, por medio de la impartición de clases, mentoreo, participación en actividades recreativas, entre otras actividades.

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