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A social innovation lab is an approach to experimentation and prototyping that tackles complex challenges for the common good. It combines reflection and action to generate responses to global problems in neighborhoods, public institutions, companies and society in general. 

You can be a Promoter too!

Learn about our calls to be part of the team of Promoters and Collaborators of the Social Innovation Laboratories

Why are they necessary?

Laboratories represent a response to the challenges experienced in a social environment in which the following can be perceived:


A Need to Strengthen Democracy


A Multi-Plane Connection


Multiple Forms of Intelligence


Commitment to the local and the global


Citizens' Ethics

Transverse Values

The labs involve the practice of a diversity of values as you work to solve the different challenges that arise.

Father and Son Playing

Your participant guide

Learn more about the meaning of a social innovation lab, your role as a promoter and collaborator and the different tools that will help you carry it out.

Online Programs

Are you ready to develop a Citizen Innovation Lab?

We invite you to participate in the course Design of Citizen Laboratories so that you can get to know and learn about the tools and knowledge that will help you carry out your work as a collaborator in the Laboratories.

Design of Citizen Laboratories

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