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Participant Guide

1. Social Innovation Labs


1.1. What is a Social Innovation Lab and why are they necessary?


1.2. When is it relevant to organize a laboratory?


1.3. Cross-cutting values


1.4. Main concepts


2. Promoters and collaborators: How to organize a Laboratory?


2.1. Start-up of the Laboratory


2.2. Development of the Laboratories


2.2.1. Documenting what happens in the Laboratories


2.2.2. Working sessions

2.3. Methodology for the dynamization and realization of the Laboratories


2.3.1. Design Thinking Approach


2.3.2. Empathy Map


2.3.3. Qualitative interview


2.3.4. Stakeholder Map


2.3.5. What? How? Why?


2.3.6. Critical Reading Checklist


2.3.7. Brainstorming


2.4. Side events


2.5. Presentation and publication of results


2.6 Dissemination


3. Digital tools for the development of Laboratories


3.1. Collaborative work and team communication

3.2. Design

3.3. Video conferencing


3.4. Dissemination


4. Working Canvas Examples

Participant Guide

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Guía de Particpantes
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