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UNICEF México, 2020

About 48% of children in Mexico live in poverty, representing approximately 21 million children.

Why is it important to learn?

When people are empowered, they are offered the possibility to build a better future for themselves and their communities. By providing them with opportunities for education, job training, access to health services, safe housing, and emotional support, we are enabling them to realize their potential and open up new perspectives for their personal and social growth.

Welcome to the online school of resilience tutors, our goal is to increase your knowledge by offering you the necessary tools for you to build a better future. 

Within our page you can see and explore the courses we have available for you.

The following section shows you the steps to follow so that you can join this learning ship with us.

Alumna de primaria


1. Create an account on our Resilience Tutors page
2. Fill out the student form (Click on the button)
3. Attend the first activity session

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